Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10 Reasons I'm Waiting for Spring

1. Longer days and more daylight make this girl happy

2. Spring Break = Trip to New York!

3. Being able to take Leila on more walks

4. Spring Flowers = opportunities for photo taking

5. Possibility of drier weather and beach walks

6. The arrival of spring means summer is on its way (There is nothing better than the summer for teachers)

7. Long weekends to look forward to (Us Canadians have no long weekends/stat holidays from December to April)

8. Birth of my BFF's baby

9. Not having to wear boots, heavy sweaters, and boring winter clothes

10. I love the final term of the school year because by that time the kids know my routines so well and they're so much more capable of working independently


Brittany Ann said...

Funny. I'm heading to NYC on our Spring Break, too! And I feel you on the last quarter of the year. Love independent work.

Jenny said...

We have warmer weather already here in Florida, but most of the list stays the same! Spring break can't get here soon enough!