Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 More Days 'til Spring Break!

I cannot wait. Just can't wait for the bell to ring on Friday afternoon and to stand at my classroom door and say, "Bye Lil SoandSo, have a good Spring Break" (all while thinking in my head, if you could all just move a little faster I can start doing my teacher-jump-for-joy-school-is-out dance).

Let me tell ya, school breaks are scheduled every 3-4 months for a reason. This entire week, my body and brain just feel worn out. It's physically difficult to teach. And...[gasp] I don't even feel like doing anything crafty when I get home.

Starting Saturday, I cannot wait to...

1. Sleep late and sleep in

2. Catch up on creative time

3. Pack for New York

4. Take Leila on walks in the middle of the day

5. Veg out

6. Read (I have some books just waiting to be opened)

7. Begin my PRETTY BOOK (a sketchbook that I want to fill with magazine clippings, postcards, paper, pictures, fabric, photos, ads, colors...really anything that is inspiring and pretty). Will post photos if I get this started.

8. Do my taxes and get money back (I'm only looking forward to the tax refund part)

9. Go thrift store hunting

What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

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