Thursday, March 5, 2009


A sweet little girl drew this picture of me:

At first, I laughed when I saw it because she depicted me all in black. Then I thought about it...and it's true...every morning when I wake up, I typically rummage through my little, white, wooden, Ikea wardrobe for at least one piece of black clothing. I heart the color black. It's slimming, never shows dirt, is great for travel and matches with EVERYTHING. But then I got to thinking and the only other teacher I know who is always clothed in black is HER.

Another stand-out-in-my-mind moment today was this poem/letter to God written by a lil boy in my class.

I love it.


Ange of the North said...

I thought you were talking about ME! I always seem to be in black - or brown. Maybe I'm Miss Nelson!
Cute picture, by the way - very good likeness!

Jenny said...

I know the feeling! I made an effort this week to add some color to my school wardrobe.

That letter is precious!

Han said...

You look like Miss Nelson from Miss Nelson Is Missing!