Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shoppaholic Teacher

Having just finished shopping at an online teacher store, I thought I'd share some of my funky finds.

These spacemen are for children to use between words when introducing finger spacing. Love it!

Martian reading fingers for tracking.

Arm yourself with band-aids, stickers, and kleenex.

This is my favorite. It would be the answer to this problem and could probably end the Boy Who Cried Wolf symptoms.
The ad reads like this:
Turn Invisible Physical Complaints Into Learning Opportunities With This Clever Pouch Of Writing Supplies.

When students come to you with one of those minor, but common, physical issues, hand them the Ouch Pouch and let them write about their injuries.

Can you guess which one I bought?

Looking to purchase any of these items? Go here.

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Michele said...

You are making me want to teach again!