Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summery Saturday

Saturday afternoon was spent exploring White Rock.

Getting there

Detour to the farming community where this lil doggie loved hanging her head out the window, barking at the sheep. The Husband and I decided that if Lei were to be a sheepdog she would no doubt lead all the furry creatures astray.

Looks like a the run of the mill red farmhouse but on closer inspection, it was uber modern with large glass windows.

Another detour to a historic farm house site with a quiet little marina.

Then...we headed to the beach at White Rock. Did you know that dogs are not actually allowed on the promenade or beach? How doggone dog unfriendly! So we walked on the sidewalk...the buildings there are quite quirky.

Then, Leila got thirsty...

So, she drank water out of a bottlecap.

The End

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