Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Heart Krabi

Krabi is one of my favorite places in the world. The natural beauty...the sea, islands, limestone karsts, beach.... is amazing. We've spent the last 6 days here and I don't want to leave. Anyone looking for a beach paradise...this is the place to come. It is only an hour flight from Bangkok.

Higlights from the past couple days:

Sunset at Tubkaak Beach

"Work...What's That?"
Pristine beaches on Bamboo Island

Maya Bay...THE BEACH which Leonardo DiCaprio made famous in the said movie.

Monkey watching on the beach. I was actually quite terrified of them and horrified to see some other tourists allowing them to climb on their backs and heads.

Snorkeling at the Phi Phi Islands and in the open sea. The best experience ever! Tropical fish by the hundreds face to face with me. Thanks Dad for the underwater camera.

Feeding the tropical fish in shallow waters at the Hong Islands. Had them literally eating out of my hand. As soon as I stepped in the water, the entire school came swarming. That's a slice of white bread in my hand.

Bamboo swing on the sand bar at some Island...can't remember the name.

Krabi is also home to my all time favorite hotel, The Tubkaak. It's a smaller boutique hotel where the service is absolutely flawless and unbelievable. We actually hadn't planned to stay there this trip but couldn't resist. All the staff welcomed us back by our first names almost immediately and they even thought to give us the exact room we had two years ago. I have no idea how they do it but they do. Highly Highly recommended.

P.S. Blogging has been difficult here in Thailand for two reasons. Internet connections are shoddy at best and The Husband, who recently discovered blogging, has hogged the laptop. :)

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Ange of the North said...

Happy Birthday, Jo! I hope you have enjoyed your day in paradise, and that you will find a little bit of Heaven every day this coming year!