Thursday, August 7, 2008

Homeland Update

We are in hot and humid Singapore for the next week. Our main agenda here in my homeland is to visit with family (love my cousins and grandparents) and to eat, Eat and EAT. The food here is super yummy and there is nothing where we live that quite compares. Since we arrived two days ago, we haven't been hungry as we're trying to make sure we get a taste of all the local food before we leave.

Here are a couple of our favorites.

Ice kachang is an icy dessert that The Husband loves and has pretty much after every meal. The toppings are red beans, coconut milk, palm sugar, jelly and palm seeds.

My fave noodle dish hokkien mee which is served on a special leaf and is fried with prawns, squid and absolutely delish.

Also, we visited the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari today. It is one of the top zoos in the world. The animals are truly amazing. The Night Safari is also impressive. It is the only one of its kind in the world. It only opens after dark and visitors take a tram around the safari viewing nocturnal animals in a man-made but natural looking habitat. It's pretty amazing. Unfortunately we have no photos of the Night Safari as it all takes place in the dark with minimal lighting, and for obvious reasons flash photography is banned.

The Husband with our cousin's son, Tayne

Getting up close and personal with an ostrich. The way the zoo is designed, there are no bars or cages and animal enclosures are designed to look natural. As a result, you can get a pretty good look at some of the animals.

White tigers


Han said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jo!
I'm back in Vancouver now. Still trying to catch up with my blog and debating when to start school work.

When are you coming back? Do you need a pick up from the airport?

Jo said...

We're supposed to come back on Tuesday. Steve's Dad will pick us up. However, we're thinking of extending our stay here and coming back later in the week.

Don't even want to think about School yet.