Saturday, February 21, 2009

Potted Plants and Praise

This lovely, potted hyacinth ended up on my desk this week. There is a little boy in my class who like many others often rushes through his work, the result being sloppy sentences and messy pictures. Over this past week, I noticed that he had been completing his work more neatly. I made a point of oohing and ahhing over his finished work every time he brought it up to me, exclaiming in my best primary teacher's voice, "I am SO proud of you for doing your best this week. You are on a roll! What a good job you've been doing!" Well, one morning this past week, he came into the classroom holding this potted hyacinth. His mom later let me know that on a trip to the grocery store, he asked if he could choose some flowers for me. As he handed it to me, in true little boy fashion, not getting sentimental at all, he warned, "Mrs. Lai, the flowers stink." It actually is really fragrant and I love it. It makes this job so worth it.

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Brittany Ann said...

How sweet and funny! Isn't it always the way that just when you think you'd cry from the job, something hilarious happens that makes you laugh and really love being a teacher?