Friday, July 18, 2008

Tokyo Food Tour

Today, a friend from The Husband's university days took us on a little food tour around Tokyo.

Desserts at Sadaharu Aoki... a famous Japanese pastry chef known for his French pastries. I remembered these desserts from Galleries Lafayette in Paris.

Japanese pudding in fruity and matcha flavours

On the food floors of the large department stores, there are fruit stands that sell perfect fruit, grown by experienced sellers, under optimal conditions. That square watermelon costs over $200.

These mangos cost over $100 each, mostly given as gifts.

Tokyo is filled with Parisien influences. Dalloyau is well-known for its macarons in Paris. Last week I blogged about Laduree (a famous tea and pastry shop in Paris)...well it has opened in Tokyo as well.

Japanese beef for Japanese Hot-pot (Shabu-shabu)

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