Monday, April 21, 2008

Paying the 10k Price

I am paaayying the price for yesterday's run/walk. Boy, can I feel the burn. What I really wanted to do today was wheel myself around my classroom in my rollie teacher chair...but twenty-two 7/8 year olds would never have let me get away with that.

I sent two students home today with stomach pain...Arrgh...Tell me it's not the stomach flu! I fear it like the plague. Germs are bad. Will be washing my hands a jillion times a day, for the rest of the week!

Also, contemplating which camera to purchase since my DH put ours to sleep permanantly at Disneyland over Spring Break.

This is my first choice. If you can't tell, it's pink. Any ideas on how I can conceal the color from the husband until it's too late and he's paid for it? hehee