Saturday, August 1, 2009

Travelholic Strikes Again

On a major burst of spontaneity, The Husband and I are heading to Paris at the end of the month. Can I hear a Woot! Woot!

Ironically, we had been planning a 12 day road trip to California over the last couple of days. As we were finalizing up our road-trip plans/schedule we got a phone call from our friends in Paris. One thing led to another (including a set of cheap tickets) and we're off to visit them for 11 glorious days just before we head back to work.

I'm thinking this will be a fab opportunity for me to practice my photography (to put on the walls of my new place)...and the crepes...oh the crepes.

1 comment:

Ange of the North said...

NO WAY! You guys are incorrigible! Just when are you going?? Don't forget to be back by Aug 27!!
Bon voyage! xox