Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playing Hooky

Conversations I had with two lil boys as soon as they entered the classroom this morning.

Lil Jonny: Mrs. Lai, here's a note from my Mom. She's coming to pick me up at lunch.

Me: [slightly alarmed] Oh, is everything alright? Do you have a doctor's appointment?

Lil Jonny: [excited] No, we're going to buy our Christmas Tree.

Me: [incredulous] You're going to buy a Christmas Tree?!?

2 fine minutes later

Lil Marky: Mrs. Lai, remember... I have to leave at 2:30 today.

Me: Oh right. Do YOU have a doctor's appointment?

Lil Marky: Oh No...I have to get my hair cut.

Imagine the ensuing gossip and complaining by parents if I announced that I had to leave class early to buy my Christmas tree and get my haircut! That latter of which I really do need.

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